Ritz 3

Milan’s Ritz Cinema was built in 1941 at a time when the arsenal was going full time around the clock due to the war.  When the Ritz was built, it only had one large screen.

At this time there were 2 movie theaters in Milan.  The original theater, the Milan Theater, was across the street and south of the Ritz. Both theaters showed movies until the war was over and the arsenal cut back.​

One older gentleman recalled working for the Ritz when he was in his early teens.  He said he had to stand outside in the street with a cart popping the popcorn.
The first advertisement in the Milan Exchange was on June 19, 1941.  “Time out for Rhythm” played on Mon and Tues; Jackie Cooper and Jane Withers in “Her First Beau” played Wednesday and Irene Dunne and Cary Grant in “Penny Serenade” rounded out opening weekend for “West TN’s newest and most beautiful theater”.  Ticket prices were $0.25.

Crown Winery

At Crown, our goal is to give our customers a great experience. We offer anything from lazy Saturday afternoons hanging out in the tasting room, to fun-filled Friday nights on the patio and even private picnics in the vineyard. Known for our in-depth winery and vineyard tours where questions are welcome, sampling from the tank is encouraged, and tastings are unforgettable. Our Crown Winery staff specializes in tailoring your visit to meet your needs. At the end of the day, we hope to gain new friends, not just customers. Reservations are not required for our Tasting Room during regular business hours. Just come in and order wine, beer, and pizza from our tasting bar, then relax at one of our indoor or patio tables! Reservations are only required for tours, and special Crown Winery events & experiences!

Snookum’s Steakhouse

At Snookum’s Steakhouse, we celebrate the life of “Miss Betty” Maness by keeping the traditions she helped start when she co-founded Snookum’s along with her husband Buel “Snookum” Maness in 1994. You can find her special recipes on the salad bar with delicious salad dressing, broccoli salad and, of course, “The Pink Stuff”. Her love for God, her children, her grandchildren, and her family can be felt in the family filled atmosphere. A source of love and strength for her family, her friends and community, Betty has gone to her heavenly home, but will never be forgotten.

K & M Barn at Lewis Farm

K & M Barn is a modern day event venue located on a beautiful, secluded farm between Milan and Atwood.